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Owner: Raavn the Dark
Elemental Bonus: Poison

Background: Raavn was born a peasant and harbored a deep anger towards those who live lavishly within the castle walls. For years he plotted against the crown, planning to steal MAGIC SCROLLSfrom the HIGH PRIESTS and use it to destroy the ROYAL FAMILY. When he grew old enough to travel, he climbed the mountain where the High Priests lived. Before he could reach the top, he came across a crow’s nest, full of stolen items from the HIGH PRIEST’S MONASTERY, including a MAGIC GEM and some DARK MAGIC SCROLLS. Raavn scavenged these items and quickly became intoxicated with the power of Dark Magic. He successfully taught himself the way of Dark Magic, becoming one of the Darkest Wizards in the Kingdom.




Owner: Magnus the Sorcerer
Elemental Bonus: WIND

Background: Growing up in a noble family, MAGNUS always seemed to have a natural talent with sleight of hand, often showing off in front of the other children around the castle. The KING eventually took notice and offered MAGNUS a deal: The KING would send him to study true magic among the HIGH PRIESTS, Keepers of the Magic Scrolls, if in return, MAGNUS would use his powers solely in protection of the Royal Family. With years of training, MAGNUS became one of the most powerful WIZARDS in all the KINGDOM, maintaining his honor by protecting the Royal Bloodline.

The Official Dueling Wizard Game Rules & Scoring System!


1. Spells are cast from each Wizard’s Wand. Flip a Wizard coin to determine who goes first. The Spell is cast from one Wizard Wand, toward the Opposing Wizard, in an effort to STRIKE the opponent ANYWHERE on the opponent’s body. The Wizards will alternate
with three Casts each or Wizards can alternate after each turn.  The choice is yours!

2. The first Wizard to score 10 Points wins the duel.

3. The Spells are marked with a different STRIKE value, because of the difficulty in casting the Spell.

4. The Dueling Wizards should always be separated by a 10 foot safe zone for casting.

5. Choose your Spell and place the Spell on your Wand.

6. To cast your Spell, flick your Wand towards the opposing Wizard to cast the Spell to attempt a STRIKE.

7. The opposing Wizard can only block the Spell with the Wand.

8. A rectangle area 5’ wide and 10’ deep for each Wizard, divided by a 10’ safe zone, is the suggested playing area.

9. Scoring Rules: The first wizard to reach 10 points wins the duel or Wizards can play single elimination get hit by one spell and the Duel is over.  When playing single elimination Wizards should choose only 1 spell type for this duel.

10.  Instant Win: You can instantly win the game by catching your opponent’s spell on your wand.

Rules for Dueling Wizard Team Battles

2 on 2      4 on 4    6 on 6

1. The First Wizard Team that eliminates their opponent’s or scores 10 Strikes wins.

2. The field of play is separated by a 10’ safe zone andWizards cannot enter the zone.

3. Wizards are eliminated with any Strike of a Spell.

4. Scoring Rules: All team battles are single elimination play. Teams must agree on only 1 spell type.

5. Instant Win:  You can instantly win the game by catching your opponent’s spell on your wand, and 1 of your Team Mates can return to the game.

Rules for Dueling Wizard Tournament

1. A Dueling Wizard Tournament can be played with 5 or more wizards and you must draw names out of hat for seeding!

2. You can play a tournament using 2 scoring methods: Single Elimination or 3 points.

3. You can use only 1 type of spell in a tournament: Any spell used in a tournament is only worth 1 point.

4. Scoring Rules: Tournaments can be played using a point system or single elimination. Only 1 spell Type can be used in Tournament Play.

5. Instant Win: You can instantly win the game by catching your opponent’s spell on your wand. Special Note: Official Dueling Wizard Tournament You Lose Your Wand!!!